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What is One-Earth? was started in Fort Greene, New York in 2006 by Steven S. Matt, a graduate of Pratt Institute.  The goal of is to Index the world’s environmental solutions. It works like Wikipedia and it’s free.

Other organizations encourage people to do things like conserve energy and water or compost food scraps. That type of generalized advice isn’t very helpful because people need to know specifically how and where to do these things. organizes solutions by city and category so anyone can learn exactly how to conserve energy and water in their city, where the local compost drop off locations are, where to shop for local food, and much more.

The most important feature of is the ability for users to add and edit content (like The idea is simple: informed locals know their city better than anyone, so it should be up to them to supply information about their city. The choice is yours: you can be an observer, a participant… or both.

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Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

Why We Need To Be Converting Our Existing Vehicles to Electric Vehicles and our Hybrid Electric Vehicles to Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Besides The Fact it will help Stop Our Oil Addiction! So They Can Be More Like An Electric Vehicle.

The Gulf Oil spill clearly is making us think about our energy policies. Another spill can happen on another rig. How many rigs are out there? This Only Tells me the same thing I said on 9/11. This is for our economy, national security and the environment.  

Bottom line:

We need to change our ways!

How about the fact that you can convert an existing vehicle to an electric vehicle today? Right now! And it would cost you less than some new cars on the market.

Electric Porsche
Converted Electric Porsche

 People are NOW trying to move the market toward the electric car; some are trying:

    •    Hydrogen/fuel cell cars

    •    Buy (Tesla electric cars or signing up 16,000 strong for the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle)

    •    To convert hybrid cars to either a grid-connected or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

    •    By buying hybrid-electric cars in droves

    •    By purchasing low-speed electric vehicles (GEM car)

    •    Driving the last remaining car company built electric cars, excluding the Tesla Roadster (EV1 or the Toyota RAV4 EV or the TH!NK City (part-time with Ford Motor Company)

For the entire story visit onearth dot com!

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