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The praise for the Green Lighting book just keeps coming.  This one comes from the website eco eco 20/20.  No it’s not Barbara Walters green website.  Yet, this person really gets the book (except they don’t give a shout out to the Green Living Guy!!  Just kidding!!)

Here is an excerpt:

Every once in a while we come across a book that is quite good at helping people learn about energy and how to save. Recently our friend over at TheDailyGreen wrote a book called “Green Lighting”. The book details different aspects on green lighting and some myths and facts as well.

Green Lighting
Green Lighting Book

The book was co-authored by TheDailyGreen editor Brian Howard Clark. The book is not just a brief book on how to just change over lighting. This book is over 200 pages and filled to the brim with how, why, and what to do to switch to eco friendly lighting.

Green Lighting Book From the Green Guru Guides

Some examples of what can be learned is that you change to energy efficient lighting the return on investment could be up to 600%. There are very few items on the market today that can brag about such an amazing return.

With such a great investment it is hard to determine why people don’t switch on mass to better lights. Mostly, it is because of not being educated. Let you education about green lighting start with this book.

For the entire review, click here!

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