Federal Court Hands Victory to Washington Consumers by Upholding State’s Building Energy Codes – NRDC Press Release

Source: Natural Resources Defense Council

The U.S. federal district court in Washington this week upheld the State’s new energy efficiency building code for residential homes that will save customers millions of dollars in energy bills and prevent harmful air pollution, the Natural Resources Defense Council said. 

NRDC and Earthjustice became parties to the case to defend the State of Washington’s strong efficiency code.

Following is a statement from Noah Long, attorney with the NRDC’s energy program:

“The court’s ruling is a tremendous win for Washington State homeowners. Building energy codes are a critical tool for states to lower energy consumption, reduce pollution, and enhance energy security. Washington’s nation-leading standards are already saving consumers $200 million dollars in energy bills annually.”

For the entire press release, click here but $200 million saved is $200 million saved through energy efficiency.

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