MSi Solid State Lighting has announced it will work exclusively providing LED lighting for The Furniture First buying group, a purchasing cooperative made up of retail furniture dealers with locally owned businesses around the United States.  Florida based MSi is one of nation’s fastest growing LED lighting manufacturers lighting up retailers like Macy’s, Abercrombie & Fitch, 9 West and Francesca’s, plus furniture retailers Thomasville, Drexel Heritage, R.C. Willey, Ashley and Arhaus.

Last year alone MSi helped retail, restaurant and hotel chains around the country reduce their carbon footprint by installing thousands upon thousands of iPAR LED lights to save energy and money.  In addition, MSi has begun working with city and county municipalities to help them find ways to further conserve energy and cut costs lighting local schools, buildings and offices.

“We’re basically everywhere these days,” said Bruce Johnson, MSi managing partner. “If you look up and around you’ll see our LED lights in movie theaters, restaurants, grocery stores and museums.  We are very pleased about our latest partnership with Furniture First.  The furniture industry continues to be a leader in converting from hot halogen lighting in their showrooms to cool and efficient LED lights.”

RC Willey, another furniture retailer, was able to raise the air conditioner thermostat settings of its Las Vegas showroom by four degrees, within hours of installation, resulting in an annual savings of $90,000 in cooling costs alone.

“Many retailers are a little concerned about the initial investment of converting to LED lighting,” said Bruce Johnson, MSi managing partner. “But if they take the time to run the numbers, they’ll see that switching over produces a great return on their investment.”

LED lighting produces savings that go far beyond just cooling cost. MSi iPARs use a fraction of the power required by halogen spots while producing a no compromise beautiful light that enhances product displays.  For RC Willey’s Las Vegas showroom that has meant a savings of $182,000 annually in electricity cost alone.

Additional savings are also realized in the lower maintenance and replacement cost for LED lighting. The typical 90-watt halogen light burning 12 hours a day will need to be replaced approximately every four months. The 10-watt iPAR burning 12 hours a day will last for up to 12 years.

These MSI iPAR lights are packed with state-of-the-art features that can’t be found in comparable LED lighting. Their innovative POWERBAND™ technology allows users to fine tune their lighting by selecting either 8, 10 or 12 watt output with the simple twist of a band found on the back of the light. The iPAR is fully dimmable and they are available in a variety of color temperatures and beam angles.

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