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As shown in the updated GTM Research U.S. CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) project tracker, there have been some changes afoot in the utility-scale solar thermal pipeline.

On a sour note, on January 25th, Solar Millennium withdrew its application for the 250 MW Ridgecrest project. The letter states that “a review of the record strongly suggests the California agency’s staff is unlikely to be open to a recommendation of approval.” It continues: “The DRECP (Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan) has identified Ridgecrest as a site to protect from development.” Effectively, they don’t think it will be approved because the DRECP opposed it. 

What is the DRECP? Glad you asked. The Governator himself ordered the development of the DRECP “for the Mojave and Colorado deserts that would, when complete, provide binding, long-term endangered species permit assurances and facilitate renewable energy project review and approval processes.”  Basically if the DRECP doesn’t like your project site, it’s time to find a new project site.

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