The Green Living Guy

The HolyMoley! Bottle Bag is the first system to store, dry, and tote redeemable bottles and cans to the redemption site.

The Holy Moley! is easy to use and reusable; simply hang, fill, tote and begin again.    This bag works 24/7!

What’s more, the process is cleaner with the Holy Moley! Bottle Bag.  Dry bottles and cans are less messy.

The Holy Moley! is used by all ages, from young mothers teaching their children ecology and thrift, to an 88 year old.

So many benefits when you buy the bags on saving cash.

Also, the Holy Moley! Bottle Bag  is made by American workers and every sale benefits a domestic violence safe house in the Niagara Falls area of the State of New York.

The Holy Moley! Bottle Bag  is socially, ethically and environmentally correct.

In addition, I was given two of the bags to test how much The Green Living Guy could recycle.  I was able to get $2.95 of cans but the average is about $2.85.  That is more than $5.00 for two bags.  Perfect for extra spending money!!

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