Green Mountain Energy Company and Sundance Square teamed up to make Sundance Square even greener during the Superbowl. The efforts were part of Sundance Square’s ongoing commitment to promote sustainability and make Fort Worth’s popular downtown entertainment and shopping district as environmentally friendly as possible.

Sundance Square purchased additional wind power from Green Mountain for the week leading up to the big game through the Superbowl weekend.  Green Mountain also introduced its first Green Mountain Green Zone – a special area that will feature activities and games tailored to the football theme of the week.

Renewable Energy 

Sundance Square generated additional electricity as a result of activities related to big game festivities and ESPN choosing Sundance Square as its production headquarters for the week. Sundance Square purchased nearly 1.7 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of Texas wind energy from Green Mountain for the week of the big game to ensure that all power used this week is clean.

Since January 2008, Sundance Square has purchased over 19 million kWh of renewable energy from Green Mountain for its commercial, residential, entertainment, and retail development that encompasses 35 city blocks.  The cumulative environmental impact of the purchase to date is equivalent to avoiding over 2.6 million pounds of CO2, which is like:

The Green Mountain Green Zone included the following:

“We were excited to give football fans the opportunity to ‘green up’ their visit to the Big Game this week,” said Paul Markovich, president of Residential Services, Green Mountain Energy Company. “Visitors to the Green Zone learned more about the benefits of choosing renewable energy and had some fun in the process.”

In 2010, Sundance Square was recognized nationally for its commitment to advancing renewable energy, when it received a National Green Power Leadership Award from the Center for Resource Solutions. Sundance Square received the Best Promotional Campaign by a Green Power Purchaser award, which honors an organization that has purchased or generated green power and promoted its use in a compelling way.

Sundance Square’s green power campaign includes marketing efforts with Green Mountain, including co-branded advertising, event sponsorship, on-site signage, electric cars, event green power sales, and the use of renewable energy certificates to offset holiday tree lighting.