Sometimes we find it easier to complain about things than to be thankful. We easily forget that many people do not enjoy some of the luxuries that we take for granted. For instance, when we look around our home there are many services in operation that we just expect to be a part of everyday normal life. Some of these services are not available in the same measure in other places. In some cases, some of the most basic of home services are not available at all.

  1. Electricity When we flick the switch for our lights, we just assume that power will be there to light up the light bulbs in our ceiling fixtures and lamps. We push start on the microwave and expect the light to come on and the microwaves to start cooking our food. It isn’t until there is a power outage that we realize how much we depend on this unseen energy that flows through the wires in our homes. If an area is without power for twenty-four hours or more, everyone is in an uproar. We have begun to consider electricity to be one of the inalienable rights of U.S. Citizens. We forget that in some areas of the world electrical power is rationed to homes for a few hours a day. In other places, batteries are the main means for powering electrical items because electrical power is not available for entire regions.
  2. Water People have lived without electricity for many centuries before us, but water has always been a true necessity. However, having running water piped into your home is not a universal commodity. Many communities around the world still need to draw or pump their water from a well. In other locations where community water systems are available, the water is not available every day and at every hour.; a warm shower cannot be taken for leisure purposes. In some places the words ‘warm’ and ‘shower’ don’t go together at all.

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