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Sometimes I agree with the ranking of organizations.  This one reported by CNN I really don’t approve but I thought it was important for people to see.

Source: CNN

The Chevrolet Volt didn’t rank as one of the top-ten “greenest” cars in America, coming at no. 12, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE) annual list.  However, just because it didn’t rank doesn’t mean it is not adored, respected and appreciated by the EV community of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) community.  In fact, it is respected and has been driven so ACEEE, buy a vowel!!!

According to this lovely study, the fully electric Nissan Leaf ranked second among all 2011 model year cars on the same list. First place went to the compressed natural gas powered Honda Civic GX which I don’t yet understand why since natural gas is not a clean burning energy source!!

Source: General Motors

Vehicles are ranked according to a “Green Score,” factoring fuel economy and emissions, including emissions from electric power plants. The relative impact of a vehicle’s manufacture and disposal, based on the car’s weight, was also considered.

For the entire story from CNN.

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