Are You Getting the Most From Your Tap Water?

By Dana Courtney

Health experts recommend drinking up to eight glasses of water each day, but relying on disposable water bottles can turn a healthy habit into a wasteful one. For purified water that’s kind to your wallet as well as the environment, look no further than your kitchen sink. These three options will give you clean water easily, no matter your lifestyle.

Countertop Pitchers
If you’re looking for convenience and economy, a countertop pitcher is a smart choice. The filters, which are available at most major stores, have a long shelf life and can be replaced in minutes. They’re great for small families — you can simply fill up the pitcher in the morning and enjoy fresh drinking water all day.

Faucet Filtration Systems
Larger families may prefer a faucet filtration system. Although these systems require some installation work, they save both space and time. You’ll get filtered water instantly at the flip of a switch, so you won’t have to refill a small pitcher multiple times a day.

Travel Bottles
For fresh water on the go, look for these new travel bottles with built-in filters. They provide the convenience of a disposable bottle with more eco-friendly benefits, so you can take your water with you and refill it wherever you go!