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A really nice friend from Planet Green named Sara Novak interviewed me a while ago when A Lot To Say, inc and I went over to the Sundance Film Festival.  I really have to thank A Lot To Say for that experience.  Besides hanging out with the Planet Green folk (as you’ll see), I also got to meet and interview some amazing people out there.  I have a film I am going to be releasing soon of the whole experience.

tommy davidson
Tommy Davidson at the Green Lodge Sundance Film Festival

More and more festivals across the country have taken steps toward putting on a more responsible show. And some festivals have made huge strides like Bonnaroo and Wanderlust, which have greatly reduced waste through recycling and composting as well as using solar power and biodiesel to run generators. And this year the trendiest celeb fest of them all, the Sundance Film Festival, took baby steps toward green.

The Green Living Guy Hits Sundance
I recently spoke with seasoned environmental writer and Planet Green’s own Seth Leitman to get his take on whether this year’s Sundance was actually making noteworthy strides toward sustainability. The Green Living Guy, as he’s become known from his blog, didn’t spend his time at Sundance celebrity watching (I would not have been so innocent), but rather, he was scoping out whether Sundance had made marked improvements in sustainability. He spoke candidly about the good, the bad, and the super chic. His first critique was directed at transportation. Festival organizers claimed to promote eco-conscious modes of transportation including free shuttle buses and accessible walking paths. But Leitman wasn’t so impressed.

Main Event Red Carpet Lounge for the Green Suite
Main Event Red Carpet Lounge for the Green Suite for Sundance Film Festival

“The transportation came in the form of large diesel buses spewing nasty fumes into the air,” he said. “I was surprised not to find cleaner modes of transportation like compressed natural gas or biodiesel in Park City.”

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