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Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) has brought on John Wallace, a 20 year automotive veteran with experience in alternative energy technology development.

This is the first of a series of announcements from REV. They have found their niche in targeting ideal early adopters for Electric Vehicles – the commercial fleet market.

Their vehicles have the capability to operate as a mobile power supply, and are also equipped with specialized software to allow 2-way communication with the electricity grid. (known as Vehicle to Grid or V2G technology)

“REV is proud to have over the past three years created an electric vehicle that serves of dual purpose of providing a practical, clean answer to the gasoline dependent fleet vehicle and a similar price point, while simultaneously creating the software to prompt that vehicle to automatically serve as a dependable battery source for the local electricity grid,” said Jay Giraud, Founder and CEO of REV.

“We’re honored and thrilled John agreed to help us steer this company as it begins producing state-of-the-art electric vehicles for fleets across the globe. He brings to REV an unparalleled amount of experience in powering vehicles with alternative fuel sources, in turn bolstering our organization’s efforts to become a leading provider of electric compact SUV’s and trucks,” said Gary Yurkovich, Chairman of REV’s Board of Directors.90 kW of pure electric power in the REV.

Adding Wallace to the board is further evidence of the successful execution of the company’s business model to become a cutting edge electric vehicle supplier guided by industry experts with decades of experience in the vehicle manufacturing industry.

Wallace was past CEO for Xantrex Technology, Inc. based in Burnaby, B.C. Canada. Prior to his tenure at Xantrex, Wallace worked independently as a consultant in the alternative energy sector and served in various capacities at Ford Motor Company for nearly 20 years.

While at Ford, Wallace led the company’s clean vehicle research and development efforts as the director of multiple areas, including Ford’s Electronic Systems Research Laboratory’s research staff, the Technology Development Programs, Electric Vehicle Programs, Alternative Fuel Vehicles, and Environmental Vehicles.

Prior to joining Ford’s Research Staff, he was president of Ford Microelectronics, Inc., based in Colorado Springs.

Wallace’s board experience encompasses past positions as Chairman of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of TH!NK Nordic, Chairman of the United States Advanced Battery Consortium, and Chairman of the California Fuel Cell Partnership. Complementing his work in alternative fuels is his technology experience, gained at Intel Corporation, Perkin-Elmer Corporation, and Precision Microdesign, Inc. where he also served as President.  Wallace currently serves as Chairman of Enova Systems in Torrance, California.

Source: Rapid Electric Vehicles
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