Marcal Study: 80% of Americans Resolve to be Greener

Source: PR Newswire

Marcal recently released results of a survey by Opinion Research showing that 80 percent of Americans are resolving to be more eco-friendly in 2011.  Americans specifically resolve to do the following:

  • 67% want to recycle more
  • 56% want to use more green products such as recycled paper or natural cleaning solutions

Are you working on any stories looking at how Americans are getting greener in 2011, or possibly on green New Year’s resolutions?  I can provide additional details on this study.

Marcal is also honoring the local environmental heroes who are making environmental differences in their communities simply by taking small green steps, with their Small Steps for Big Change program.

Additionally, each winner and the person who nominated them will receive Marcal Small Steps paper products.

Green Judges

To kick-off the awards program, Marcal has selected five hometown heroes who embody the spirit of the Small Steps for Big Change Awards to act as judges.

  • Jose Duarte – Boston, MA: As chef and owner of Taranta, a green restaurant focused on sustainability, Jose’s passion is food and the environment.
  • Kathleen MargiottaMorristown, NJ: Kathleen spearheads Morristown‘s “Adopt a Spot” program. Volunteers adopt a part of the community for a year and are in charge of picking up trash, cleaning graffiti and clearing the area of weeds.
  • Jennifer NewmanSouth Orange, NJ: Jennifer started an organic garden at Our Lady of Sorrows elementary school to provide a focus on healthy, sustainable living for the students and help the hungry of their community.
  • Allison ShaewitzChicago, IL: With her motto of “add a little green to your daily routine,” Allison’s blog, Chicago Green Girl, offers readers easy and tangible ways to help the environment.
  • Peter Stetson  – Coventry, RI: A teacher at Coventry High School, Peter organized the school’s first paper and bottle recycling program.

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