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Source: Paradigm Group

New Bagasse-made Products Lower the Cost of Environmental Sustainability for Businesses

Paradigm Group, a leader in environmentally friendly office, break room and disposable products for businesses, today introduces its line of “tree-free” disposable products.  The Emerald Brand now features 70 percent tree-free bath tissue, facial tissue, napkins and 100 percent tree-free plates.  All tree-free products can be viewed at

The Emerald Brand is the cornerstone of Paradigm Group’s larger cost-neutral conversion initiative, which allows businesses such as hotels, restaurants, corporate offices and educational institutions, among others, to purchase green products for the same or less than what they are paying for non-green alternatives.  The new tree-free line is less expensive than traditional products because its manufacturing process that utilizes bagasse – or sugar cane pulp – as a cost effective alternative to traditional materials.  Bagasse is a reclaimed material that is typically burned after use, creating unwanted pollutant gases. 

“Most companies are forced to weigh a green public image against the typical high cost of sustainable products,” said Ralph Bianculli, president & CEO of Paradigm Group.  “We’re working hard to afford businesses with a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to their disposable product needs, without sacrificing the softness and quality they’ve come to expect from traditional products.” 

As part of Paradigm Group’s larger effort to help businesses grow green, the company has developed the Emerald Eco Product Calculator that measures the positive impact of Emerald products on users’ carbon footprint.

“Our goal is to make going green an easy choice for businesses,” said R.J. Bianculli, director of Paradigm Group.  “The Emerald Brand allows companies to make the responsible decision without sacrificing room in their budget.  It’s a win-win for businesses and the environment.”

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