Green Path Assessment ( software will allow your company to begin the process in a simple and seamless process.

Better yet, we encourage cities and organizations to adopt this software as a simple, yet powerful, way to encourage Green business development in the community.

Some History about Green Certification

Green Business League started in 2005, but has it roots in the foundations of business development.  Unlike so many groups that saw business as the enemy, we knew that business had to be the ally of the Green and sustainable movement.

Programs like LEED, ISO, and Green Seal demonstrated that good programs can become the benchmark for others to follow.

Of course, we saw the early rise of self-appointed Green businesses.  This gave rise to dozens of Green certifications that were little more than “Pay to Play.”  They sprung up on the Internet like toll booths on a highway doing little more than collecting a fee for a downloadable logo.

Instead of the easy way, Green Business League made several core decisions.  We would proudly operate on an “Earned, not Bought” philosophy.  Therefore, all certifications are the results of verified audits.

Secondly, our program was not about buildings or products, but about Green practices (operations).  Others have copied us, but none compare to the international impact that the Green Business League has had.

The Even Get Management Ready to Be Sustainable Officers

Installing a Green program in any business is not as simple as appointing someone to the task.  Sustainability Officer Training is a unique program that will empower your Green officer or members of a Green committee to formulate a highly-rewarding Green program for your company.  This powerful online training program which offers is an effective way install a Green program that leads to a respected Green business certification.

GBL Certified Sustainability Officer™ training is offered in selected areas, and participants are encouraged to attend the live classes whenever possible.  An online version of the GBL Certified Sustainability Officer™ training is offered for those who cannot attend the live sessions.  All classes are very entertaining and cover a broad scope of environmental issues leading to the process of Green Business Certification.

At the conclusion of the training, each attendee will be guided through a comprehensive Green Practices review that will serve as a valued guide for the Green program of their companies.  This guide is essential to a comprehensive and orderly program for Greening any company.

If you are responsible for the sustainability or Green improvements for your company, or want to beef up your resume for this growing career opportunity, we suggest that only the Green Business League offers a course of this quality and substance backed by a federal trademark.

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