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Bai Brands has added Bai5 Congo Pear to its award-winning line of low-calorie, antioxidant-rich drinks.  Bai natural beverages offer bold fruit flavors infused with one of nature’s most powerful, yet unfamiliar, sources of antioxidants: the fruit of the coffee bean.  Bai is the first functional drink brand on the market based solely on the coffee “superfruit.” 

Congo Pear is one of four varieties of Bai5, a product line that contains only 5 calories per serving due to the use of the organic sweetener Stevia.  Bai5 drinks such as the new Congo Pear are a delicious and natural alternative to traditional “diet” drinks made with artificial sweeteners.  “With Congo Pear, we are providing another exciting option for consumers who want to fortify their healthy lifestyles with a low-calorie, energy-boosting beverage that tastes great and is easy to enjoy on the go,” said Ben Weiss, founder and President of Bai Brands.

Blending fruit flavors with the spirit of the world’s premier coffee-growing regions, Bai beverages offer a significantly more potent concentration of antioxidants than comparable drinks made with commonly found superfruit ingredients such as acai and pomegranate.  Congo Pear is also a healthy alternative to high-sugar, over-caffeinated products.  Unlike what is found in most energy drinks, Bai contains 70 mg of natural caffeine, similar to a strong cup of brewed tea, which is derived from coffeefruit and white tea extract.

“Coffeefruit, which has long been overlooked and discarded during the coffee harvesting process, is ripe with antioxidants,” added Weiss.  Based on a scoring method used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to measure the antioxidant power of foods and beverages (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity – ORAC), the coffeefruit extract in Bai drinks provides more than 40 times the benefit of acai per gram and more than 50 times the benefit of pomegranate.

For more information, visit the Bai website and the “Getting Bai” blog.

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