Toshiba LED Lighting Goes Energy Star Approved LED

The Toshiba International Corporation LED Lighting Department provides the North American market with a variety of high-efficiency LED products. Drawing upon Toshiba’s 120-year heritage of lighting innovations in Japan and world-class electronic and semi-conductor technologies, TIC is emerging as a leader in solid state lighting. TIC is committed to providing lighting solutions that enhance the quality of life and meet the diverse needs of its customers.

These newly updated LED lamps are designed to meet Energy Star® standards and are currently undergoing testing for final certification. The lamps include enhancements such as dimming capabilities and are now available for purchase.

Offering a broad range of color temperatures and beam angles, the new series includes a total of 45 products including MR16 GU5.3, MR16 GU10, PAR20, PAR30 Short Neck, PAR30 Long Neck, and PAR38 lamps. Most of the lamps in the series are available in 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K as well as 8°, 25°, and 35° beam angles.

Key advancements within the new lineup include:

All lamps in all color temperatures are designed to meet Energy Star® standards
• Five-year warranty provided on all lamp types
• All lamps are dimmable
• All lamps are UL-approved
• All lamp shapes comply with ANSI C78.24-2001 & ANSI C78.21.2003 standards
• Excellent lumen output for a 3000K PAR30 at 800 lumens
• Excellent lumen output for a 3000K PAR38 at 1000 lumens

“We are committed to producing high-quality products that deliver the best light quality possible,” said Masao Omori, Director, LED Lighting. “We have pushed the envelope to create a portfolio of lamps that exceed customers’ expectations. Lighting is ingrained within our corporate culture, and our new line of LED products for the US market is simply an extension of that historic lineage.”

Peter DallePezze, Director of Marketing and Product Development, stated, “We have created a commercial line of LED lamps that provide customers what they are looking for—exceptionally long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting without compromising color quality or uniformity.” DallPezze went on to add, “Toshiba will continue to create superior replacement options for incandescent halogen, metal-halide, and CFL lighting. LED lighting is essentially the marriage of computer technology and lighting. No other company is better positioned to provide the latest in LED lighting solutions than Toshiba – the same company who brought laptop computers to the mass market and has over 120 years of lighting experience.”

Toshiba unveiled its first generation of LED lighting products for the U.S. market at LIGHTFAIR® International in May 2010. Toshiba will make additional announcements throughout 2011 about an ever-expanding selection of long-lasting LED lighting solutions that provide superior light intensity and color quality for both commercial and consumer applications.