UNICEF UK and the award-winning environmental non-profit Do The Green Thing launched an innovative video campaign called ‘Climate Kid’, which uses a ninety second animated video to illustrate how we can help reduce the impacts of climate change on children. It’s an inspiring, funny story to show that everyone has a positive role to play in tackling climate change.

Do The Green Thing is an award-winning environmental non-profit that creates an inspiration feed of ideas, campaigns and products to turn green living from something you ought to do to something that people want to do. Do The Green Thing uses great creativity to reframe sustainability as smart, sexy, fashionable and fun and something worthwhile on its own terms.

Talent from Emma Thompson and Ryan Giggs to Dinos Chapman, Howie B and Tugg from Basement Jaxx, have come out in force for Green Thing. Another 200 directors, musicians illustrators and animators
have contributed brilliant bits of creativity. Do The Green Thing’s advisors nclude Wangari Maathai and Satish Kumar. People from 208 countries/territories have tuned into Green Thing over 6.5m times, saving over 1m tonnes of CO2.

The Climate Kid video highlights the urgent need to start building our resilience to climate change in order to ensure children can survive and thrive, which we can do by supporting UNICEF’s programmes.

Lucy Stone, UNICEF UK’s Climate Change Manager said: “The ‘Climate Kid’ campaign highlights in an exciting new way how we can address the devastating impact of climate change, which is forcing millions of children to cope without adequate food, shelter or an education. If we can help these children become more resilient to their changing
environment, we really can help them to take control of their lives and thrive. We can all play a positive role to help put this right and Climate Kid is a new, inspiring way for us to get this important message across.”

Naresh Ramchandani from do the Green Thing said “We wanted to make the concept of climate adaptation as interesting for as many people as possible. It struck us that everyone is fascinated by the distortion of the human body – think of the popularity of the Fat Booth app. So we created Climate Kid, a way of showing how a child would have to evolve to adapt to climate change if we don’t act now.”
The Climate Kid campaign forms part of UNICEF’s Carbon Positive initiative, which aims to raise awareness and funds for UNICEF’s climate chagne projects around the world, and is part of Do The Green Thing’s mission to use great creativity to tackle climate change. UNICEF’s Carbon Positive initiative offers individuals a unique and positive way to tackle climate change by making the link between their own carbon lifestyle and the affect it is having on children around the world by encouraging them to take action and make a donation to help those communities adapt as the climate changes.

All monies raised through Climate Kid will go towards supporting UNICEF’s Carbon Positive projects, which include; ensuring children can access clean water and food, go to school and keep healthy despite the increasing risk of diseases, floods and droughts.

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