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World of Green, the online eco-friendly shopping destination,  has just aligned with Millions from One to build a water well in India which will bring clean water to needy families for the next 30 years.  For more information on World of Green, visit

According to, “nearly one billion people – about one in six – lack access to clean water and waterborne diseases causing 1.4 million children’s death each year.”  More alarming statistics reveal that “443 million school days are lost each year due to water-related illness.”

In honor of Earth Day and World of Green’s one year anniversary, World of Green’s founder, Roberta Modena, wanted to do something environmentally and socially meaningful that would impact others’ lives for years to come.  After researching several organizations, Mrs. Modena chose Millions from One as the organization to partner with since this  Texas-based company has a simple goal of providing clean water to one person in need, one at a time.  

Last year, Millions from One successfully reached over 200,000 children in 25 countries around the globe such as Guatemala, Haiti, Sierra Leone and India.  Additionally, World of Green has helped bring the water crisis to light by devoting every Wednesday to  “Water-Wise Wednesdays” sharing water conservation tips and facts with their thousands of Facebook and Twitter fans to help raise awareness on this global crisis.

Supported by generous celebrities, individuals and organizations, Millions from One is thrilled to have formed this partnership with World of Green.  “After speaking with Roberta, we just knew that this is what we’ve been seeking to help us spread the word and make a significant difference,” commented Jeff Lucas, President and Founder of Millions from One.  “Our goals and our mission align perfectly and we’re looking forward to reducing those alarming statistics together!”

World of Green’s immediate goal is to build a well in India, the World of Green Well.

“For the price of two fancy Starbucks drinks, a $10 donation can provide water to a person in need for 30 years,” says Mrs. Modena.  In exchange for the donation, each donator will receive a beautiful recycled top-grade leather bracelet in the color of their choice “If 1,000 people go without those two cups of coffee for a week, an entire well will be built and people’s lives will change”, says Modena.

Fashion with a purpose individuals who want to support a good cause and proudly wear a Millions from One leather bracelet can donate at  Additional information about Millions from One can be found at  Interested media are encouraged to arrange an interview by calling (772) 633-8337.

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