The Lube Stop, Inc. (Lube Stop), Northeast Ohio’s largest quick oil change company, today announced it now offers a battery replacement service.  In conjunction with the new service, Lube Stop also launched a used car battery recycling program for local communities free of charge.

The success of a battery replacement pilot program conducted at four locations since July 2010 prompted the company to roll the service out companywide.  The use of state-of-the-art, digital battery testers during the Complete 20-Point Service inspection process, high-quality automotive batteries and aggressive pricing have all contributed to the program’s initial success.

“Lube Stop offers customers time and convenience and few things are more inconvenient for a car owner than a dead battery,” said Tom Morley, president of Lube Stop.  “This service is an obvious addition to the other important preventative maintenance services Lube Stop offers while giving us the opportunity to promote community recycling of used car batteries as well.”

Used Car Battery Recycling Program

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 99 million wet-cell lead-acid car batteries are produced each year and recycling used batteries keeps toxic heavy metals out of landfills and recovers large amounts of plastics and metals that can be reused to produce new batteries.

With the rollout of the battery replacement service, Lube Stop will now accept used car batteries from non-customers during regular business hours at all 37 locations in Northeast Ohio for free.  The batteries are collected and recycled on a bi-weekly basis at an EPA-approved battery recycling facility.  Lube Stop has partnered with several counties in the region, including Cuyahoga, Lorain, Stark, and Summit, to promote waste oil and used car battery collection at its locations.  The car battery recycling program builds on Lube Stop’s existing program to accept up to six quarts of used motor oil from non-customers during regular business hours for free. 

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