Recently, I went to the Home Depot and saw an LED high hat (aka recessed can) lamp for $50. The same day, CREE (the company that makes the bulb) Twittered me about the lamp. Besides the fact that every Home Depot has these bulbs, the light is better! Yes, it will cost about $50 per light and you might say, FU!! I say; you’re losing out. Here is why: Every bulb will save you not just on wattage, but the bulb is expected to last 30 plus years. So for fifty bucks, you’ll probably never have to worry about that bulb again.

Now a friend of mine in Briarcliff Manor, New York recently told me when he put a CFL into his high hat, he saved about $5 a bulb in energy costs per month. Imagine what an LED will do for your pocket for thirty plus years. (Plus, many CFLs are not designed to work in recessed fixtures, as they have a number of limitations.)

Anyway, this EcoSmart LED Downlight, which my wife loves and is right over the place we eat almost every single night, is only 10.5 watts, vs. the 15-watt CFL, and there is NO yellow light and long warm up time. My cousin-in-law Aaron saw my LED light and told me he bought five of them. He will be saving even more than me!

The LED downlight is designed to last at least 35,000 hours, or about 32 years! This is about four times longer than a CFL and 16 times longer than an incandescent. More importantly, the bulb is dimmable too! It can go to five percent with most of the dimmer switches in America.