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Install Your Air Conditioner Correctly with Tips from NYSERDA

 As the temperature outside starts to heat up, you might be getting ready to install room air conditioners (AC) to cool your home. Before you do, read these tips from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), so your hard work – and cool air – won’t go out the window.

First, if you’re buying a new room AC, be sure to select an ENERGY STAR®-qualified model, which will save you more than $100 in energy costs over the lifetime of the unit.

Installing your room AC unit correctly can save a bundle in energy costs, too. In fact, in a report issued on April 14 by Urban Green (a chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council), researchers found that the average room air conditioner leaks as much air as a six-square-inch hole in the wall. Aptly titled There Are Holes in Our Walls, the report states that each poorly fitted and poorly sealed unit leaves a gap “about the size of your fist if you punched a hole in the wall.”

NYSERDA recommends the following tips to keep the cool air in your house when using a room AC unit:

NYSERDA recommends these additional tips to maximize the operation of your window-type AC unit:

When your air-conditioning unit is snug in its window, don’t neglect the other places in your home where cold air could escape. Use caulk to seal other windows and doors.

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