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Electric vehicles (EVs) have zero tailpipe emissions and are much better for the environment than conventional, internal-combustion automobiles.  However, EV drivers can have an even larger environmental impact by charging their vehicle with 100% pollution-free energy.  Green Mountain Energy Company’s Pollution Free EV electricity product is powered solely by Texas wind to support development of the state’s renewable energy resources and is available exclusively to EV drivers at a special, reliable rate that provide price stability for twelve months to help manage the costs of charging an EV.

In addition to offering Pollution Free EV as a standalone electricity product to all qualified plug-in EV drivers, Green Mountain is also partnering with eVgo to offer an integrated, 100% emissions-free Complete Charging Plan at home and away.  The Complete Charging Plan combines Pollution Free EV with a home charging dock and related equipment, and access to a networked charging infrastructure.

How do I sign up for Pollution Free EV?

Signing up for Pollution Free EV is easy.  Any Green Mountain customer, whether new or existing, who drives a qualified EV (vehicle ownership is not required so car leases qualify!) or shares a home with a family member who drives an EV, is eligible.  A list of pre-qualified vehicles includes:

This list is not comprehensive and continues to change as more EV’s are made available.  If you don’t see your plug-in EV listed above or you converted your car to a plug-in after it was originally purchased, give us a call to see if your vehicle qualifies for Pollution Free EV.

As part of process to verify your eligibility, we will ask you to provide Green Mountain with a documentation to verify that you, or a member of your household, drive(s) a qualified vehicle.  Documents containing both the customer’s or household member’s name, and the name, make, and year of the qualified EV, such as a copy of a valid, in-force Texas automobile insurance policy, usually suffice.

Source: Green Mountain Energy

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