Honest Tea Just Told Me Their Planting 50,000 Trees for “Bag to Tree” !

Consumers can help plant trees this spring – in areas hit hard by wildfires and disasters – without ever getting their hands dirty. 

Honest Tea® today announced its “Bag to Tree” reforest campaign (www.honesttea.com/bagtotree) as it joins with the National Forest Foundation in a public/private partnership to plant 50,000 trees in five regions stretching from coast-to-coast.

Kicking off today, Bag to Tree starts in participating stores, where consumers purchasing four or more bottles of Honest Tea can receive a free reusable shopping bag with a unique code.  Redeemed online (www.honesttea.com/bagtotree), the code allows consumers to select from the following regions for planting their tree: the West and Rocky Mountains, which have been affected by wildfires; the Midwest, which requires prairie restoration; the Southeast, which requires reforestation; and the Northeast, which requires hydrology (water) renewal.

The mission of the Bag To Tree Program is to reforest regions hit by wildfires and disasters. Purchase four or more bottles of Honest Tea and you’ll receive a reusable shopping bag and a unique code. Entering the code on their site and the tree is planted!! 

  • Honest Tea’s earliest labels featured a “Plant A Tree” icon, highlighting the importance of the natural environment to its mission, and the notion that the business was committed to doing more than just moving cases of liquid around. Thirteen years later, Honest Tea still believes that trees are important.  
  • In one growing season, a single leafy, mature tree will produce as much oxygen as 10 people inhale in a year.  Just 100 trees are capable of removing five tons of carbon dioxide as well as 1,000 pounds of pollutants annually, including 400 pounds of ozone and 300 pounds of particulates. 
  • Trees naturally clean the soil by absorbing chemicals and they provide vital protection from storm-water runoff.  In urban areas, tree shade can cool the air by as much as 12 degrees and during windy and cold periods, a windbreak of trees can reduce heating bills by as much as 30%.

“I’m delighted that we are able to build on our earliest commitment to the planet by planting 50,000 trees this year,” says Seth Goldman, co-founder and TeaEO of Honest Tea.  “Bag to Tree allows us to support an important sustainability program by joining with the National Forest Foundation, and it allows us to help our consumers be actively involved in helping the environment.”

Honest Tea has organized volunteer events so the public may get involved to reforest or preserve natural parklands firsthand.

More details on those events can be found here:  http://bagtotree.stage23w.bluhq.us/events/

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