Recently I was rummaging through some old emails from my friend Remy and saw this story from Ecorazzi on a really eco-friendly trailer for green celebrities.  I thought..right???……

So I did some peeping and was quite surprised.  As Ecorazzi wrote:

Tired of being an eco-conscious celebrity but not having your own trailer to match? I know I am! (or was it the other way around?) 

Thanks to Quixote Studios, the production of totally green set trailers has begun. Five years ago, the company started their initial design phase, where they talked to producers, celebrities, and creatives to generate a list of things that should be included. Now, five years later, we have the Verde.

So then I decided to go to the Quixote site to see if I should believe the hype (or like flava flav..don’t believe the hype)..

Quixote put that to rest.  Our lean, mean, green machine lives up to its name:

Carpeting is recycled 10% post consumer, 12% pre-consumer (certifications=CRI Green Label+, CRI GLP8636) and low VOC.

Bathroom wall is 100% recycled aluminum from cans, transformer coils, industrial scrap, and combustion motor pistons.

The table tops are made from 100% post-industrial scrap (35% of the weight of the product) from the immediate geographic vicinity of the plant.  Negligible VOC (very low). LEED certified

All construction is done with non-formaldehyde plywood which is a “sick-building” element that we have eliminated.

The sofas are filled with natural latex foam.  This is a natural fire retardant and does not require the immense amounts of PDBE that most memory foam uses which is highly carcinogenic.  It also lasts much longer thereby avoiding landfills.

All fabrics from pillows to curtains are made with 100% Eco-Poly which are woven from recycled polyester and contain no chemical finishes (like Teflon) and emit no airborne toxins.

Most of the paint used on the walls is low VOC paint.

VOC = volatile organic compounds (this is an ingredient that pollutes the air and leads to “sick building” syndrome.)
LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

All I can say is: Yo!! Can I get one of these??