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“I would like to see all of the companies running at least some electric trucks. The technology exists and it works.” –Ed Taylor, Down East Seafood

This month, NYCLHVCC would like to spotlight one of our most generous and innovative stakeholders, Down East Seafood. Down East Seafood is a fish distribution company owned by Edward Taylor and located in Hunts Point, Bronx. In addition to being committed to delivering quality, fresh fish daily, Ed Taylor and Down East Seafood are committed to making their deliveries with the smallest carbon footprint possible. Ed Taylor describes the need to go green when saying, “Shortly after our move, it became clear that Hunts Point is a community. Sure there are trucks coming in and out, but there are also children. Children that by no fault of their own are in an area that have heavy truck traffic. Trucks that attribute to the fact that the children of the Bronx have an asthma rate 7 times the national average. When an opportunity arose to be able to do something for the neighborhood that has become our home, we jumped.”

Jump they did! With the help of Paul Lipson, formally from Congressman Serrano’s office and Luis Torres, formally at the Center of Sustainable Energy the trio was able to make a plan to get Down East Seafood some clean trucks.


After seeing the film, Who Killed the Electric Car, Taylor was certain an Electric Truck could make its way into the Down East Seafood fleet. Taking initiative, Taylor traveled to the UK to the Smith Electric factory where he was able to test drive the technology. He was sold. “Smith was light years ahead and now, they are made right here in the US.”

With the funding support from BOEDC and NYSERDA, Down East Seafood welcomed their first Smith Electric truck to the family. They named the truck Big Green. Today, the electric truck family at Down East Seafood is growing, “We are so pleased with our Smith Electric that we have just purchased a second! She is lovingly referred to as ‘e2’ and can be seen making deliveries starting tomorrow (April 2011).” In addition to the air quality improvements and reduction of foreign oil use, Taylor is also very proud that he uses technologies made and produced right here, “Like the Smith Electric Newton, our electricity is made right here in the U.S.A.”

NYCLHVCC would like to congratulate Ed Taylor and Down East Seafood for all of their accomplishments as well as for being a truly dedicated stakeholder-committed to improving air quality in our region.

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