Rouge Tomate, one of the greenest restaurants in Manhattan, was proud to celebrate this year’s Earth Month in 2010.

Rouge Tomate was the official food sponsor for Christie’s Auction House’s first ever “Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth,” a star-studded event that is 100% carbon neutral.  Rouge Tomate also took part in the NYC Grows Festival at Union Square; a fun full day showcasing healthy living, gardening, tree planting and of course sustainable cooking. 

The Christie’s Green Auction was conceived as a means to help raise awareness and funds for the environment.  The inaugural event will benefit four highly respected environmental not-for-profits; Central Park Conservancy, Conservation International, Oceana, and Natural Resources Defense Counsel.  Rouge Tomate will be the official food sponsor of the event, providing their renowned approach to balanced, locally sourced and seasonal cuisine.

Presented by New York Restoration Project (NYRP), NYC Grows welcomed families to celebrate earth’s greatest gifts and our local growers. 

Rouge Tomate was situated in the Farm to Fork Pavilion, the southwest quadrant of Union Square, where staff greeted consumers with samples, recipes and nutritional information. 

Executive Chef Jeremy Bearman conducted a cooking demonstration in the Bosch outdoor kitchen.  Additionally, staff will be handing out cards, redeemable at Rouge Tomate during lunch or dinner through the end of May, for 5% off the bill.  This 5% will not only provide savings for the guest, but will be donated by the restaurant to NYRP to support gardening, nutritional and education programs at PS 5 in Northern Manhattan. 

“At Rouge Tomate, we strive to address social and environmental issues, taking pride in farm to table cuisine and implementing sustainable practices such  as our firm dedication to composting,” said Emmanuel Verstraeten, Founder and CEO of Rouge Tomate. “We look forward to our partnerships with New York Restoration Project and the Christie’s Green Auction, building stronger environmental awareness and emphasizing responsible farming practices not only in April, but throughout the year.  Additionally, I am so pleased to announce our involvement with PS 5 as we continue to educate and empower youth about the importance of our local food system and our impact on the environment.” 

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