During the 2011 American Institute of Architects National Convention in New Orleans, the American Bird Conservancy, The Zoological Lighting Institute, Urban Wildlands Group, Fabien Cousteau and the Royal Institute of British Architects USA united to raise monies to promote bird-safe architecture initiatives. 

Join us good music, excellent food and the fantastic surrounds of the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas! The celebratory evening will highlight:

1.    A special message from Fabien Cousteau about the importance of biodiversity.

2.    The fundraiser’s featured guest, Dan Klem Jr., an expert and educator on bird safety, who told the BBC News that “up to a billion birds die in collisions with glass windows in the US each year, both during the day and at night.”

“As the savvy know, birds are an integral part of the environment; without birds life on the planet would likely cease,” says James Karl Fischer PhD RIBA, Creator of the “Save a Billion Birds” campaign and Founder of The Zoological Lighting Institute. “Biodiversity is a crucial component of architectural sustainability in need of attention. Birds disperse seeds, pollinate soils, eliminate pests and fertilize soils. Yet over a billion birds are killed each year in the US due to preventable collisions with buildings.”

According to the American Bird Conservancy, “birds die flying into windows, because they can’t tell reflections from trees, plants and sky.” Since windows are on commercial buildings and homes, everyone can make a difference. Research has identified solutions to alert birds to windows. The easiest of these involve applying visible markings to the outside of windows in patterns that the birds can see while requiring minimal glass coverage to keep your view unobscured. For further details, contact the American Bird Conservancy, www.abcbirds.org, or join our fundraiser on May 13th to talk to the experts first-hand.

Through your help in raising awareness, we can “SAVE A BILLION BIRDS” TO END THE AVIAN CARNAGE! Additional thanks to partners MechoSystems, Plant a Fish, Ornilux Bird Protection Glass, and The Rooflight Company.