The Green Living Guy

The bright white lights in our stores are part of what makes the Target shopping experience unique. We’ve found a new way to save energy and money, while maintaining the bright appeal of our stores.

In 2009, they even introduced new light fixture in 180 stores.  They converted every existing four or three-bulb overhead fixtures to two-bulb fixtures without reducing light levels.

The pilot was so successful that we plan to install these new fixtures in more than 400 stores this year and in the majority of remaining stores by 2012.

Thanks to design-focused teams at Target, the new fixture produces the same amount of light as our current fixture, but consumes 40 percent less energy. Over a year’s time, stores experience an average 10 percent reduction in energy costs. The energy reduction from this change more than offsets the increased energy used by existing general-merchandise stores that have been converted to our new PFresh format, which includes an expanded grocery offering and more refrigeration.

This lighting retrofit project is one of the ways we are increasing energy efficiency and minimizing our carbon footprint. On top of the energy savings, all existing metal components, lamps, bulbs and cardboard packaging from the new components are recycled—making this a low-waste project.

Target’s other energy-saving initiatives include an energy management system that controls the temperature and humidity in our buildings, light sensors that detect when lighting is not needed, and LED lights that reduce the energy required to light our exterior signs by 80 percent.

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