This Earth Day marks the first anniversary of the BP oil spill. Tragic events in Japan have added new dimension to the nuclear energy debate. Congressional concern for climate policy has shifted. The
environmental movement is facing challenges for progress in a tough economic climate.

Last year, Earth Day Network launched the Billion Acts of Green® campaign from the National Mall in Washington, DC on the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. Notables like Sting, John Legend, The Roots, Joss Stone, director James Cameron and an array of environmental “rock stars” came to DC, along with 1 billion people in 192 countries worldwide.

Nearly 78 million Acts have since been logged, making this campaign the world’s largest environmental service project. Earth Day Network’s goal is to reach 1 billion before the U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio in 2012. Announcing this achievement will prove that people all over the globe are eager to act in unity to support a sustainable future.

Billion Acts of Green are individual acts AND larger community initiatives that support sustainability and bring us closer to measurably reducing carbon emissions. Participants record their Acts of Green at where they can also send messages to government officials, sign petitions, and make pledges to live a greener life.  What counts? Everything from Earth Day events, beach and forest clean ups, to community climate meetings, tree plantings, and energy retrofits. Simple gestures like choosing to bike instead of drive and washing laundry in cold water may be also recorded.

EDN has partnered with prominent organizations to expand A Billion Acts of Green.
• United Nations: Billion Trees Campaign and other initiatives
• U.S. State Dept: All embassies worldwide will participate
• International Union on Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
• Peace Corps: Volunteers in 77 countries and their local communities
• Boy and Girl Scouts: 50 million scouts will get badges for Acts of Green
• AARP: 38 million members
• K-12, Colleges and Universities and Libraries across the U.S.
• Youth Service America: YSA’s Global Youth Service Day, April 15 and 17, in 100
countries with 1 million people