Value Brand 15 Watt Venus Induction Light Bulb

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Applications & Key Benefits

•Ideal replacement for banned Mercury Vapor lamps in Acorn or otheroutdoor fixtures

• Bright White 5000K lamps recommended for visibility & safety

• Advanced phosphors for high lumen maintenance and high lumen output

• Many Utility Companies are now offering rebates for induction lighting

• Less heat generating resulting in lower fixture maintenance and HVAC operating costs from ambient heat loss

• Electrodeless lamps can avoid the damage of delicate components such asfilaments or electrodes that are the primary cause of lamp failure

• Excellent choice for Cold Storage facilities with Cold Start Temperature at •40° C

• Up to 10 years Maintenance free operation

• Long Life 60,000 Hours

• Full Kelvin Color Range 5000k

• Instant Start• Hot Re•start•Instant On• Flicker Free Operation• High Efficacy

• Low Lamp Depreciation• Amalgam Technology• Maximum Operating Temperature•160ºF• UL/cUL Listed• 5 Year Warranty• Voltage specific: 120/220/277/12/24• Input Frequency 50/60 Hz• THD<10%•American Greenpower E1101-15 induction light bulb cross.

Venus : compact ballast design, low wattage (15w,23w,40w AC/DC) International standard Edison lamp base. AC: 120V、220V、277V、DC: 12V、24V.

1.   Special mushroom shape structure, uniform light emission in 360 degree.

2.   Bigger light surface area than other lamps with the same wattage, comfortable light.

3.   Compact integrated structure, match all kinds of small size lighting fixtures, and perform different lighting effects.

4.   Spiral lamp base, easy to retrofit all kinds of compact lamps.

5.   Special magnetic hoop structure, effectively avoid magnetic leakage and magnetic core power loss, perfect heat dissipation ability.

6.   Special ferrite magnetic core, maintain the magnetic core inductance stable in wide temperature range; unique B-H curve, reduce the magnetic hysteresis loss and magnetic core loss.

7.   Amalgam inside, less pollution, eco-friendly.

8.   Special amalgam, instant-start and stable light output in the wide range of temperature.

9.   With special technology, faster power start.

10. Self-developed inert gas formula, ensure the consistency of light efficiency and power.

11. Full range of color temperature, a variety of power options

12. Inside compact electronic ballast, unique ballast technology, high power factor.

13. Special winding technology, low temperature start ability.

14. Customized lamp wattage.

Specifications of Venus LVD Induction Lamp I

Series Type Warr.
Volts(V) Rated luminous flux(Lm) Pupil luminous flux(Plm) Lamp specification(mm) Wattage(W)
Venus LVD-ZWJY-JY-15 5 220/120/
750 1200~1500 59x57x160 15
Venus LVD-ZWJY-JY-23 5 220/120/
1400 1900~2300 78x62x182 23
Venus LVD-ZWJY-JY-40 5 220/120/
2600 3900~4600 115x88x241(E27) 40

Range of color temperature: 2700/3500/4000/5000/6500
Color index CRI>80 (Ra)
DC(12V/24V)series are available for solar lighting

Specifications of Venus LVD Induction Lamp II

Type Wattage(W) Power frequency(Hz) Power factor Ballast input voltage(V) Ballast input current(A) Outer packing dimension(mm)
LVD-ZWJY-JY-15 15 DC / 12(9.5~16) 1.25 519x193x406
DC / 24(18~29) 0.63
AC60 0.9 120/347 0.14/0.05
AC50 0.9 220/347 0.08/0.05
LVD-ZWJY-JY-23 23 DC / 12(9.5~16) 1.92 546x233x436
DC / 24(18~29) 0.96
AC60 0.9 120/347 0.21/0.07
AC50 0.9 220/347 0.12/0.07
LVD-ZWJY-JY-40 40 DC / 12(9.5~16) 3.30 768x325x662
DC / 24(18~29) 1.67
AC60 0.9 120/347 0.37/0.13
AC50 0.9 220/347 0.20/0.13

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