Free stuff will be available in neighborhoods all over the country on May 14, 2011.

It’s called “Give Your Stuff Away Day”.

It’s an event Mike Morone is hoping to establish twice annually. This event could help millions of
people in a tough economy, while shrinking landfills, reducing clutter, lowering costs, and
sparking the economy a bit.

Don’t we all own items we don’t want any more – items you may have forgotten you even own. It
might be your previous bike rusting in the garage, clothes you’ll never wear, or books you’ve
already read. In one weekend, let’s identify this stuff and give them away, instantly creating the
world’s biggest recycling/giveaway/treasure hunt event!

To participate, on May 14th, just bring your surplus (safe and legal) stuff to the curb for others to
take for free. Then go and get yourself some new stuff!

Think of it as “Earth Day” for the masses.
It’s like Halloween with better treats.
It’s like shopping without money.

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