SAN FRANCISCO — May 17, 2011 —  The Bondi Bag ( helps educate consumers about plastic pollution and its harm to beaches and marine life. Sales of each Bondi Bag will support Surfrider’s various programs and efforts in helping protect our oceans, waves and beaches, including the Foundation’s Rise Above Plastics Campaign. 

The Bondi Bag is available in two colors, in black and royal blue and retail for $15. Each bag purchased will contribute $1 – $2 respectively to the Surfrider Foundation, with proceeds keeping our sandy resources plastic-free and in pristine marine condition. Made from durable nylon and with the message of “Reduce Plastic Save A Beach,” both the Jendarling and Surfrider hangtag will help generate educational awareness. Each Bondi Bag also has a postcard that is reusable for use, illustrating clean beach culture and the harmful facts of plastic pollution. 

The Bondi Bag is made of rugged 210-denier fabric with self-locking closure and a clear plastic pocket. Features:
• Breathable | Reusable | Water-resistant 
• A great alternative to plastic garment bags 
• 22 x 38’’ in length 
• 210-denier heavyweight durable nylon 
• Made in the USA 

Plastic is the most common type of marine litter worldwide, and according to the United Nations comprises up to 90% of floating marine debris. Plastic does not biodegrade, rather it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, often being mistaken for food by marine animals. The United Nations estimates that 100,000 marine mammals and one million sea birds die every year from ingestion of or entanglement in plastics.

To learn more about the Surfrider Foundation’s Rise Above Plastics program, visit 

The Bondi Bag will be sold at dry cleaners, eco-boutiques and retailers in the US, Canada and Australia, and is also available online at 

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