Enertia Engineering Ltd., a leading electrical equipment company, is pleased to announce the installation of its commercially available solar powered street lights specifically designed for cold weather applications.

Enertia Engineering Ltd. selected both Kimberley, BC and Camrose County, AB for the first two installations of the cold-weather model of their solar powered street light. The EnerSolar Street Light is a compact design all-in-one package.

Solar power works extremely well in equatorial regions. In northern regions, there are many challenges to using solar power effectively. During the winter, we can see as little as 8 hours of sunlight per day. In addition, the solar radiation in the winter is extremely low compared with other regions. By using the latest cutting edge technology for LED street lights, controls, and batteries, Enertia Engineering has created a highly efficient, compact, solar powered street light that contains everything required for fully autonomous use.

The simple installation makes it straightforward for almost anyone to apply EnerSolar street lights. There is no external battery box. Everything is contained within the lighthead and pole itself. Because there is no connection to the electrical grid, the installation is safer and easier than regular street lights.

“A year ago, we thought we could only sell solar powered lights in equatorial regions. We thought, this technology isn’t meant for Canada. 120 Lumen/watt LEDs, batteries good to -45C and advanced, intelligent controls have enabled us to look beyond these limitations, and create a truly unique product.” Says Darcy Braun, the Owner and a Principal of Enertia Engineering Ltd.

Learn more about Solar Powered Street Lights at http://www.EnertiaEngineering.com.

Enertia Engineering Ltd. is a Canadian-based electrical engineering consulting and electrical equipment manufacturing firm with offices in Alberta and Ontario. Enertia Engineering Ltd. is a key supplier to many of the largest oil & gas, consulting, and field service companies worldwide. Recent product developments have introduced the patented EnerPulsar Anti-Islanding technology for connecting small generators to utility electrical grids as well as EnerSolar, the world’s first fully-integrated solar powered street light.

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