EnviroMedia and Green Mountain Energy Stay Together For Green Living.

Source: Green Mountain Energy

EnviroMedia, a public relations and advertising agency dedicated solely to improving public health and the environment, announced that it will continue purchasing Green e-Energy certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Climate Action Reserve certified carbon offsets from Green Mountain Energy Company, the nation’s leading competitive retail provider of cleaner energy and carbon offset solutions.

Over the past three years, EnviroMedia has tracked and offset 100 percent of its estimated annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and has committed to fulfill its environmental goals for another year. EnviroMedia will track and offset the annual CO2 emissions from electricity usage in its offices, corporate air travel, employee commuting, and corporate vehicles owned or leased by EnviroMedia. Green Mountain assisted EnviroMedia in developing its carbon footprint calculations using the World Resources Institute’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

“Two-thirds of our carbon footprint is from the electricity we consume in our Austin and Portland offices, another quarter is from our employee commuting, and 10 percent is from air travel, based on Green Mountain’s calculations,” said Valerie Davis, co-founder and CEO of EnviroMedia. “We try to do all we can — our company vehicle is a hybrid, we offer telecommuting and rail passes to our employees, and we recently switched to a website host powered by renewable energy. But we still have a carbon footprint, and Green Mountain’s offset program is the next best thing to help minimize our business’s environmental impact.”

“Green Mountain Energy Company is proud to have EnviroMedia – an organization dedicated to helping promote the environment – as a customer, and applauds its leadership and commitment to clean energy by offsetting its CO2 emissions,” said Scott Martin, vice president of Commercial Services, Green Mountain Energy Company. “We are excited to continue our partnership with this company that is making a difference in a city where many of our employees live, work, and play.”

EnviroMedia’s commitment to offset 100 percent of its carbon emissions over the past three years helps the company remain in sync with the needs of its environmental and public health clients.  To date, EnviroMedia has offset 960 metric tons of CO2 by purchasing 560 metric tons of carbon offsets along with 671,000 kWh of renewable energy credits. That’s like:

  • Taking approximately 190 cars off the road for one year
  • The amount of CO2 absorbed by over 125,000 trees in one year
  • 1,670 houses turning off all their lights for one year
  • Recycling over 5 million aluminum cans
  • Recycling a stack of newspapers over 70,000 feet high!

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