Decorating a nursery is a special and exciting time. But when you’ve never had a baby before, it can also be overwhelming. Little babies need a surprising amount of stuff, including things you may have never heard of before! The good news is the desire to create a safe, warm, beautiful place for our babies is instinctual – it’s called nesting. The “Peaceful Nursery: Green, Healthy Tips For Your Baby’s Room” app gives you all the information and guidance you need to ensure you enjoy the process.

The “Peaceful Nursery: Green, Healthy Tips For Your Baby’s Room” features a quick and easy shopping checklist of all the right items to buy for the nursery, along with tips that include: How to make healthy choices when shopping for your baby; Why going green is so important for infants; Choosing paint color; and arranging your nursery to help your baby sleep better. The app also includes video insights from the app’s co-authors, Healthy Home andLifestyle experts Laura Forbes Carlin and Alison Forbes.
Carlin and Forbes want to help you with the overwhelming process of designing the perfect nursery for your new bundle of joy and offer these tips to guide you along:

“Peaceful Nursery: Green, Healthy Tips For Your Baby’s Room”(.99) has versions compatible with iPhone 3 and iPhone 4, as well as iPod Touch, and is available from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at It’s also available for Android and can be purchased on the Google Android Market.

Besides the handy app, Carlin and Forbes have also authored the book “The Peaceful Nursery: Preparing a Home for Your Baby with Feng Shui” complete with photographs and easy-to-understand design tips available thru and the ebook “Laura and Alison’s Guide to Creating a Healthy, Green Nursery,” which guides you though the nesting process to the first few months at home with your baby, available thru the Inspired Everyday Living website.

Carlin and Forbes are sisters, writers and co-founders of Inspired Everyday Living, a home and lifestyle company that helps people use their homes as vehicles for self-transformation—as you change your home, you can transform your life. They have also authored the ebook “Love at Home: The Single Girl’s Guide to Feng Shui and Life Design”. Carlin and Forbes have have contributed to magazines and websites including Natural Home,,and, and have been featured in publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Traditional Home, C Magazine, Angeleno, ePreganancy, LA Parent, Daily Candy, and The Hollywood Reporter

Their weekly blog posts, guides, book, and consultations offer practical ideas and tips to transform your home and life, covering topics such as healthy and green living, Feng Shui, simplicity, parenting, clutter clearing and organization, homemaking, decorating, and spirituality in the home.

As experts in inspired, healthy living and having your home be your sanctuary, not to mention their expertise on preparing your home for a baby, Carlin and Forbes are available for interview and commentary.