Interview with Lester Brown and Coco from the UN on Climate Refugees.

This is a great video interview with Lester Brown and Coco from the United Nations about Climate Refugees at the Sundance Film Festival.

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Hope you enjoy the video.  While watching and listening to the video here is a piece of an article I did about the movie Climate Refugees.

If An Inconvenient Truth created a cultural shift toward going green, then the movie Climate Refugees is a wake up call that will help people to understand that extreme climatic shifts will create environmental disasters and wars. These disasters and wars will claim property and affect potentially billions of people during the next 50 years.

Climate Refugees, Movie Poster

Climate Refugees Movie Poster, Copyright, Michael Nash

So what is a Climate Refugee? A climate refugee is anyone that has been physically displaced from his home due to a natural disaster such as a tsunami, hurricane, tornado, cyclone, flood or any act of God is considered a climate refugee. The film focuses on stories)

For Nash, the story began when many of his friends and family were devastated by storms that hit Florida prior to Hurricane Katrina. From that point on, it was “game on” for Nash to learn about climate change and its impact.

The resident green guru rubbed shoulders with like minded celebrities like Climate Refugees Director Michael Nash and One Tree Hill star Tyler Hilton as well as Tommy Davidson and Rachel Hunter. Guests snacked on winter vegetable tarts, veggie burgers, organic chicken pot pies, and organic cheese puff pastries. Guests were treated to a unique crafting experience, called “The Upcycling Lab”, where they were schooled in transforming old and vintage garments, provided by A&D Vintage Wholesale, into stylish new ones.

Seth was also a sponsor at the Bravo Red Carpet Lounge and Green Suite event where he gifted eco-friendly gear.

Experts are also looking at what might happen if Bangladesh faces rising waters. U.S. security and military analysts fear that if Bangladesh sees rising floods, it could be a significant threat to global security. As warming temperatures deplete water supplies and alter land use, military analysts warn, already vulnerable communities in Asia and Africa could descend into conflicts and even wars as more people clamor for increasingly scarce resources.

Lester Brown and Coco from the United Nations regarding the Movie Climate Refugees
Lester Brown and Coco from the United Nations regarding the Movie Climate Refugees

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