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The Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF) is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that collaborates with public and private school districts and individual teachers to raise awareness of sustainability education in order to incorporate key principles across all core curricula. Established in 2003, CELF has provided programs through the “lens of sustainability” and inspired over 50,000 students from kindergarten through high school. CELF’s approach is comprehensive – engaging students, teachers, parents, teachers and administrators, communities and businesses through professional development, consulting services and experiential programs.


On May 3, 2011, the Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF) was honored by the New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV) for its forward thinking environmental literacy and sustainability programs that have inspired and prepared teachers and their students across the New York region since 2003 to actively create a more sustainable future.


The benefit took place at the spectacular Sky Lounge/42 at the top floor of the Ritz Carlton tower in White Plains, New York. Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens was the keynote and Thalle Industries of Briarcliff Manor was also an award recipient.

Katie Ginsberg, Founder and Executive Director of CELF accepted the award on behalf of the organization, staff and supporters. In her thank you remarks Katie Ginsberg commented, “For today’s students – a sustainable future will not be a choice, or a luxury. Sustainability will be the vital response to the challenges of this century and thanks to your support…they will be prepared to face those challenges head on.” She added, “CELF does not warn students of impending doom, rather we serve up optimism and education in spades…And there is so much reason to hope…. thanks to those who have the vision for and commitment to a better future for their children and the kind of education that is going to help create it!”

For more information contact Patti Bressman, CELF Program Director and visit our website

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