GM-Volt’s Jeff Cobb has posted a series summarizing GM marketing spokesperson Rob Peterson’s presentation at the Washington Electric Drive Transportation Association DC conference in April. He
discussed the transition from “early adopters” to “fast followers.”

He talked about the company’s transparency policy and about building strategic relationships with multiple constituencies, such as utilities, plug-in advocates (including gracious call-outs to
“enthusiasts” Chelsea Sexton, Felix Kramer and, and the broad advanced-tech auto industry:

He focused on getting the word out about customers’ experiences:

And he talked about managing expectations, both among plug-in advocates and customers, especially as critics and detractors pile on:

REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR: We can’t wait to see the long-awaited sequel to “Who Killed the Electric Car,” which premiered on Earth Day at NYC’s Tribeca Film Festival. CalCars’ top two priorities get a
direct boost from two of the film’s four stories: for PHEVs, GM’s outspoken Bob Lutz, and for conversions, the flamboyant Greg “Gadget” Abbott from inspires us by
turning almost any classic internal combustion vehicle into an EV.  (We hope the enthusiasm spills over to lower-cost and higher-volume solutions.) And of course we also root for Carlos Ghosn’s Leaf, and
Elon Musk’s Teslas. The film is still on the festival circuit, but you can help get it into a theater near you!

EPRI’S CONSUMER GUIDE: The Electric Power Research Institute has published “Plugging In: A Consumer’s Guide to the Electric Vehicle.” It’s free and handy in eight pages. (For more detail, see Plug In America’s 64-pager, CHARGED UP & READY TO ROLL.”)
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