Source: General Electric

As Spain increases its efforts to use more renewable energy, many companies in the country are turning to General Electric (NYSE: GE) to supply them with alternative energy solutions.

One example of GE’s technology is a project with Sociedad Anónima Celulosa Aragonesa (SAICA), the largest paper recycler in Spain. SAICA is using GE’s Jenbacher gas engine technology to turn biogas into energy at its cogeneration plant in Zaragoza, Spain.

SAICA uses recovered paper for the manufacturing of new paper and at present, the company recycles 2.1 million tons per year within its five sites. SAICA’s cogeneration plant features three of GE’s ecomagination approved Jenbacher J620 gas engines, which use biogas from the wastewater treatment to generate electricity. While standard biogas plants are typically 1-2 megawatts, the SAICA plant is more than 8 megawatts. GE’s 2.7-megawatt Jenbacher gas engines also help to reduce CO2 emissions.

Many of GE’s Jenbacher products are ecomagination approved, providing customers with products that improve their operating performance and reduce environmental impact.

Ecomagination is GE’s business strategy to help meet customers’ demand for products that improve their bottom line and reduce their impact on the environment. This also will drive growth for GE that delivers for its investors.

Ecomagination reflects GE’s commitment to invest in a future that creates innovative solutions to environmental challenges. From 2010 to 2015, GE has committed to: doubling R&D to $ 10 billion; growing ecomagination revenues twice as fast as overall company revenue; reducing GE’s energy intensity 50 percent; reducing water consumption 25 percent; and inspiring a competitive energy future.