Solar Panel Installation Company Educates Homeowners on How to Go Green and Save!

Environmentally-aware homeowners looking to live a bit ‘greener’ — while significantly saving some ‘green’ ($) on monthly utility bills — can turn to the experts in solar panel installation, American Vision® Solar. The veteran company is excited to spread this powerful message and solar-educate Californians about a brighter future for our planet, and our household budgets.

Those who are willing to take the leap into this brilliant form of energy will reap huge benefits for the long haul. For starters, solar panel owners cut their monthly electric bill on average by up to 75%. Plus, with recent government tax benefits and rebates, most systems will pay for themselves within 5 years. The government understands the importance of this abundant and eco-friendly energy resource, and is making it even easier for homeowners to make the switch. In fact, the California Solar Initiative (CSI) state rebate will pay up to 25% of your solar purchase. In addition, the federal government will offset another 30% with a tax credit.

“There’s really no downside to installing solar panels, it’s great for the environment, the value of the property and the property owner’s pocketbook,” says Bill Herren, Owner of American Vision Solar. “We treat every solar project as if it’s our own. Our streamlined sales and installation process makes it simple and cost-effective to add solar to any home or business,” he added.

Husband and wife team Bill and Kathleen Herren began providing homeowners

So, how does it work? Light is captured by the solar panels and is turned into usable electricity. It’s really that simple! As a matter of fact, there’s enough free and pure sunlight shining on America every hour of every day to power the world for a year. Now that’s a resource we should all be taking advantage of.with energy-efficient solutions with their window sales and installation company, American Vision Windows.

Source: American Vision Solar and American Vision Garages with permission