Solar Power For Your Home is The Way To Go!

On my site The Green Living Guy, I introduced my readers to the newest additional of books to the Green Guru Guides  series I helped produce with McGraw Hill.  This book only adds to the purposes of green living.  Solar Power For Your Home features a step-by-step instruction manual and useful photos and illustrations.

This hands-on guide is filled with solar energy, green living solutions you can put to use right away.  As the book starts of stating, solar power did not come into our history during the 1970’s when Jimmy Carter installed solar panels at the White House.  Solar power has been around since the beginning of time (give or take a few billion years).

Bottom line, solar power is responsible for all existence here on Earth!

That is why Solar Power for Your Home shows you how to set up a variety of simple, money-saving solar projects quickly and easily, such as a solar water heater, a solar pool pump, solar lighting, a solar oven and the ever more popular solar-powered lawn mower!

Solar Power for Your Home Is For Sale by The Green Guru Guides

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