By txchnologist

“Who holds back the electric car?” sang the members of Homer Simpson’s secret society, The Stonecutters (it was rhetorical; they do). Perhaps they would have done better to ask, who holds back the electric motorcycle? The hype for two-wheeled electric vehicles has lagged behind that of the mass market Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, but a recent report by Pike Research indicates that there will be 138 million e-motorcycles and e-scooters on the roads worldwide by 2017.

The e-scooter market, which is big in Asia Pacific, will be significantly larger than the e-motorcycle market, according to the report. But in North America e-motorcycles will dominate because of their better range and higher top speeds. Have a browse of these e-motorcycles. We won’t tell your mom. (Prices are before 10 percent federal tax credit.)

Lito’s The Sora
Price: $43,000 (conversion from Canadian)
Top speed: 124 mph
What’s more awesome about this Quebec-made motorcycle — it’s ability to go from 0-200 km (124 miles) with zero clutch or its energy storage for 300 km (186 miles)? The Sora also has an application that allows you to input your destination, then manages the vehicles energy usage to ensure that you get there.