Source: American Public Gardens Association (APGA), May 6, 2011

APGA Partners With Rain Bird To Pay Tribute To The Important Role of Public Gardens In Promoting Environmental Stewardship, Education, Plant And Water Conservation In Communities Nationwide

National Public Gardens Day is a national day of awareness in which communities nationwide are invited to visit and learn about the important role their public gardens play in promoting environmental stewardship and awareness, plant and water conservation, and education. Now in its third year celebrating America’s public gardens, National Public Gardens Day was created in partnership between the American Public Gardens Association (APGA) and irrigation product and service provider, Rain Bird.

“National Public Gardens Day is not only a great time for families and enthusiasts to enjoy the gardens, but the public also witnesses the achievements and expertise provided by public gardens, especially in the area of environmental stewardship,” said Dan Stark, executive director of the APGA. “Regardless of their size, all public gardens share a common commitment to providing outreach programs aimed at engaging their communities and educating future generations on the irreplaceable value of plants.”

“As the event’s founding partner, Rain Bird seeks to create awareness of the role that public gardens play in promoting plant and water conservation in their communities,” said Dave Johnson, Rain Bird’s director of corporate marketing. “Our support of National Public Garden’s Day goes hand in hand with our company’s Intelligent Use of Water philosophy. We encourage the public to recognize that gardens are not just beautiful places and great sources of inspiration, but they are demonstrations of how green spaces can entertain, educate and inspire us all while positively contributing to the surrounding eco-system.”

In celebration of botanical gardens, arboreta, conservatories, educational gardens and historical landscapes, many of the APGA’s 500 member institutions will mark the day with special events and activities for schools, families and thousands of visitors. Many of the activities will continue through Mother’s Day weekend, offering visitors time to enjoy the beauty of the gardens while learning about each garden’s commitment to education, research and environmental stewardship.

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