Now that winter is over and warmer days are almost here, it’s time to consider what’s new in home and outdoor lifestyle products that are ready-made for summer living.

New from Vermont-based Verilux(R) – “The Healthy Lighting Company” – is the portable ReadyLight(TM) Rechargeable LED Lantern (model VB05). Diminutive and feather-light, the powerfully illuminating Lantern is ideal for any of the following summer activities and occasions:

* Entertaining: Set the mood for a relaxing evening or party on a backyard deck or patio without worrying about candles blowing out. The Lantern’s touch control brightness feature makes it easy to stage a beautiful glow.

* Hostess Gift: Surprise and delight a weekend host with the Lantern’s crisp white styling and versatility. Inside the house, it’s perfect in any room where good reading light is welcomed.

* Camping or Boating: Use the Lantern to illuminate a map in the dark, and enjoy nighttime activities without eyestrain, such as playing cards or board games inside a tent, or outside on a boat’s deck.

* Road Trips: Don’t leave home without packing a Lantern to illuminate a nighttime emergency, such as changing a flat tire. The ability to see clearly in the dark while projecting enough light to be spotted by other cars is a safety essential.

* Summer Storms: Be prepared for power outages by keeping a Lantern on hand for greater safety and efficiency than candles or flashlights.

* Summer School: Know someone who is planning to do some serious studying this summer? The Lantern can enhance visual acuity, which results in reading faster and with greater comprehension, as well as enhancing the ability to retain more information.

Introduced this year, the new Verilux ReadyLight Rechargeable LED Lantern features Natural Spectrum(R) Daylight illumination to reduce eyestrain and fatigue. A circle of 12 Natural Spectrum LED’s delivers 70 lumens of clear illumination to improve vision in any setting. A gentle touch to the front of the Lantern activates and adjusts brightness; there are no buttons to break, or areas for water to seep in.

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