Carrington College™ California announces the addition of a renewable energy program to its online curriculum for individuals interested in pursuing a career in wind and solar energy, bio-fuels or in regulatory or governmental agencies. Prospective students may apply online for the next program which begins July 3.

“As federal, state and local governments make alternative energy more accessible, jobs in the renewable energy sector are more crucial than ever,” said Jeff Akens, president of Carrington College California. “We pride ourselves in knowing that Carrington students will be the ones combating and remedying the environmental challenges of the future.”

Students enrolled in this 16-month associate degree program develop a thorough understanding of climate change and its effects on the environment as well as learn to utilize project management skills to help create alternative energy solutions. The well-balanced curriculum focuses on the economic, social and technical studies related to energy consumption and the environment.

Upon graduation, individuals will be prepared for entry-level careers where they will be able to explain the emergence of new technologies and its applications as solutions to energy dependence, and discuss regulations and laws governing the environment and the preservation of natural resources. Graduates will also have the ability to prepare sample bids and development plans in a technological business setting.

The employment outlook for careers in renewable energy is optimistic, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as alternative energy such as wind and solar power become more affordable for utility companies.

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