So this event highlights the significance of a ceremony held in New Jersey to celebrate the installation of the first solar panels in a new facility. The event marked a major milestone in the state’s efforts to promote sustainable energy and reduce its carbon footprint. The article emphasizes the importance of celebrating such innovative technologies as we work towards a greener future for our planet.

Flip the Switch

Alcatel-Lucent shows its commitment to renewable energy by “flipping the switch”. That’s on a new, 3,728-panel, six-acre solar facility. One located at its Bell Labs Global Headquarters in Murray Hill, NJ.   It’s the same site where, in 1954, Bell Labs researchers invented the first device. All to successfully convert useful amounts of sunlight into electricity.

On June 7, 2011, ConEdison Development, New Providence Council, SunPower Corporation, Alcatel-Lucent took part in a ceremony. One to formally launch the 1.2 megawatt installation. All which will provide about 10 percent of the campus’ electricity. For that’s when the solar array is operating at peak capacity.  ConEdison development. solar panels installed

ConEdison Development of Valhalla, NY, is developer, owner and operator of the facility, and San Jose, CA-based SunPower Corp was designer and builder.

Event participants noted that solar power is reliable, renewable and emission-free. Especially as it reduces dependence on non-renewable, fossil fuel-based and foreign sources of energy. Moreover it promotes energy independence.


In conclusion, the ceremony for the solar facility’s first panels is a significant moment in the history of sustainable energy. The facility is also a testament to the possibilities of renewable energy. Moreover, its pioneering panels are a symbol of hope for a greener future. So as we move towards a more sustainable world. Especially as it is important to celebrate the achievements of those. I mean those who are at the forefront of sustainable technology. The solar facility is just one example of the many incredible innovations that are changing the way we think about energy. By working together and investing in renewable energy, we can create a brighter, greener future for ourselves and for generations to come.

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