LONDON, ENGLAND — May 10, 2011 – South Lanarkshire Council is using device power management software from Verismic Software to save £40,000 per annum in energy costs relating to its 4,500 desktop and laptop PCs in use at multiple sites across the region.  

Successfully in use for one year following a gradual, staged deployment, the software delivered Return On Investment (ROI) to the Authority in less than 12 months.

The software also generates monthly savings reports, which can be shared with the Authority’s Head of IT, management and ‘green team’ for further review.

The energy savings contribute to the Authority’s Carbon Management Plan, which includes aims to help the Council cut its carbon emissions, reduce its environmental impact and improve its reputation within the community. 

The largest market sector for PC power management segment solutions over the next five years will be public sector, followed by financial services and retail/wholesale. Pike Research says that the PC and server power management software market will grow from $168m in 2010 to $783m annually by 2015. The report forecasts that PC power management software alone could be saving almost 47 metric tons of C02 emissions by 2015, about the same as taking nearly eight million cars off the road.
“The software is deployed on our fleet of PCs, which are distributed across multiple sites throughout the authority. We can centrally manage the entire fleet on our central, corporate network,” says Janice Woodley, Technology Services Manager, South Lanarkshire Council. “By centrally powering down PCs at 7pm each night – or 10pm for local leisure centres – and allowing users to power back up when they return to work in the morning we are achieving savings of £40,000 per annum. A simple action, which is achieving significant carbon and cash savings.”

Janice continues: “We started with a slow, tiered roll-out of the software and we still managed to achieve ROI in year one.

We did review multiple power management software products available on the market and chose Power Manager from Verismic Software because of its low cost, simplicity and ease of deployment.”

Ashley Leonard, CEO, Verismic Software says: “Right now every local authority, NHS trust, emergency service, and education establishment is aiming to cut costs without affecting front line services. South Lanarkshire Council is one of an increasing number of public sector organisations that view power management as a route to achieving savings quickly and easily while protecting critical services.

South Lanarkshire has seen great results already with a simple ‘turn off’ policy and can increase savings available in the future with the option to introduce more detailed, intelligent power management policies.”

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