The Biosphère presents three new exhibitions, including +1°C: What Difference Does It Make?, which addresses climate change

MONTRÉAL, Que. — June 2, 2011 — The Biosphère environment museum invites the public to discover three new exhibitions: +1°C: What Difference Does It Make?, Finding Balance, and Woodland Escapes.

+1°C: What Difference Does It Make?
This new permanent exhibit provides some answers to common questions about one of the great planetary issues of the 21st century: climate change. What is the impact of a temperature increase of 1°C? What will the climate be like in 100 years? Via life-sized videos, scientists answer these and other questions to demystify often-complex concepts and allow for greater comprehension of this phenomenon.

The “Magic Planet,” a 1.2-m-diameter globe of the Earth and the only one of its kind in Quebec, is just one of the exhibition’s attractions. Using satellite imaging, this interactive globe displays natural, meteorological and climatic phenomena.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors will also see the short film NANUQ. This film presents the testimonies of High Arctic Inuit about the impact of climate change on their traditional way of life. The final part of the exhibition presents a portrait of citizens who have found creative ways of fighting climate change.

“+1°C: What Difference Does It Make? sheds light on the science of climate change by making it accessible to the public,” explained Jean Langlais, director of the Biosphère. “We are inviting Canadians to get involved by taking action to mitigate the effects of climate change.”

Finding Balance
In seeking to balance quality of life and environmental concerns, we may question, both as individuals and as a society, the limits of the natural environment. Is such a balance even possible? There are a number of solutions that strive for harmony with the natural world. To find them, we have to ask the right questions and consider the fact that each of us influences the environment by our lifestyle choices. This new permanent exhibition reveals ten examples of the impact our consumer choices have on the environment and how they collectively contribute to environmental imbalance.

Woodland Escapes
Forests cover one-third of the continental land masses, are home to 80% of the Earth’s terrestrial biodiversity, and provide a livelihood for 1.6 billion humans. Presented as part of the International Year of Forests, this outdoor exhibition of 40 over-sized photographs is above all a tribute to the beauty of forests and an invitation to become immersed in these rich and valuable areas. Woodland Escapes, presented free of charge until April 30, 2012, follows the path linking the Jean-Drapeau Metro station and the Biosphère.

Eight exhibitions–O.N.E. | Outfits from a New Era, four science-themed events, three exclusive films and three exploratory routes on Île Sainte-Hélène–are offered this summer at the Biosphère. Remember that entry is free of charge at all times for youth aged 17 and under (does not apply to organized groups). Visit to find out the museum’s hours of operation and entrance fees and to see our complete programming.

As an environment museum, the Biosphère is mandated to encourage environmental action among Canadians. In addition to presenting exhibitions and holding special events, the Biosphère develops educational and outreach materials for clients across Canada and is a recognized forum for environmental discussion.

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