Newport Beach, CA–May 16, 2011 – Verismic Software, a leader in PC power management (, today launched Verismic v3.1 which has been designed to further drive energy and cost savings from PC power management. The new release provides customers with the ability to manage the energy used by desktop and notebook PCs via mobile devices, and use remote access tools added features and functionalities, based on the most advanced power management techniques from a fully integrated solution.

The core upgrade in Power Manager v3.1 is its mobile platform, which enables users to access the Wake-on-Web functionality to ‘wake up’ devices that have been turned off, also allowing the user to launch specific desktop PC based applications and tools remotely, and on demand, ultimately decreasing IT support requests, while increasing staff productivity. This application is compatible with Apple’s iOs, Windows Phone 7 and Android. 

Some other key enhancements include hardware inventory and querying capabilities, which enable users to gather all inventory information for a single device, within a single portal. The hardware querying capability empowers users to apply power policies based on the changing state of a device, ultimately making cost savings automatic.

In addition to having the ability to target policies against saved queries, Power Manager v3.1 also allows policies to be targeted against system management queries based on the tight integration between Microsoft SCCM, LANDesk Management Suite and Verismic Power Manager. Power Manager v3.1 also includes enhancements for IT managers looking to identify and manage further energy efficiency opportunities with improved logging capabilities and updated reporting enhancements. Mac users will also benefit from Mac OSX Power Management support, which is now compatible with 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard. Finally, users can benefit from its newly implemented logging capabilities, allowing for centralized troubleshooting, and the software’s updated reporting enhancements, which include its Dynamic Efficiency Savings Report and Active Systems Report.

“When you think about the ways in which businesses have already been able to benefit from Verismic’s Power Manager 3.0, in the areas of energy, carbon and cost reductions, it is clear how adding mobile support in 3.1 is going to result in even greater savings,” said Ashley Leonard, president and CEO of Verismic Software. “This new interface will ensure that users achieve all the positive benefits that are associated with Green IT.”

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